This machine can pack fruits and vegetables into bags, such as Sormabag, Sormabag-plus, eco-Sormabag, eco-Sormabag plus, Sormavertbag, Sormawrap depending on the units installed. Right-side or left-side or front-side outlet for bags. The machine is equipped with thermal-transfer printer (it does not use any adhesive or paper labels) for overprinting specific information about the product and barcodes. High self-capacity.

Output rate: 35 Pck/Minute

Bag Min. Weight: 0.5 Lbs
Bag Max. Weight: 10 lbs


-“Wicket” plastic bag.
-Ideal for: Potato, beet and small turnip.
-Anti-clogging system in the funnel.
-Closing of the bags with a Kwik Lok attachment.
-Packing bags with a capacity up to 20 lbs.

Output rate: 30 Pck/Minute
Bag Min. Weight: 2 Lbs Bag Max. Weight: 20 Lbs


The automatic bagging machine Daumar CB-148 makes the exclusive D-Pack bag, the most elegant stand-up net bag for fresh produce. The D-Pack’s presentation and carry handle offer the consumer a premium look and comfortable way of picking up the bag. The CB-148 is built on a horizontal frame, allowing for maximum production and gentle handling. The CB-148 incorporates a color LCD touch-screen with intuitive software. It also allows for easy remote diagnostics via a built-in Ethernet port.

Output rate: 32 Pck/Minute

D-PACK Bag Weight: From 1 to 10 Lbs
DAUSAC Bag Weight: From 1 to 5 Lbs


The form, fill and seal BSS-134 bagger by Sorma makes the bags VERTBAG. Closure of the packaging by thermo-sealing, holes at the top as a handle, optional adhesive label printers or thermal transfer printers. Package weight from 1 lbs to 7 lbs.
Output rate: 30 Pck/Minute

Bag Min. Weight: 1 Lbs
Bag Max. Weight: 7 Lbs


The Sorma CBR-170 bagger can work as well with extruded net than knitted net with plastic strip. It also allows the production of various packages such as “Multipack”, “SormaPack” or “SormaPack-economic. With an output of 24 packs / minute, this machine will satisfy all your needs.

Output rate: 24 Pck/Minute
Bag Min. Weight: – Lbs
Bag Max. Weight: – Lbs


Fully painted steel automatic machine, managed by an electronic controller and adapted to closing containers provided with an attached lid. The pneumatic block required for the closing of trays is specific for each model. A separate block should be whenever requested for each models to be close. The change of the specific pneumatic block for each type of tray takes about 10 minutes. Dimensions of trays 120x80xh.90 mm ​​min. and 280x180xh.120 mm max.
Output rate: 50 Pck/Minute
Bag Min. Weight: 1 Lbs
Bag Max. Weight: 5 Lbs


The FLW-150 bagger function is to wrap the baskets (trays) containing fruits/vegetables in plastic film, the upper part is mesh to allow proper ventilation products. The lateral part plastic film allows to customize the packaging according to the requirements of the customer.

Basket dimensions :
width: min. 100mm / max.200mm
length : min.140mm / max.300mm
height: min.50mm / max.120mm

Output rate: 55 Pck/Minute

Bag Min. Weight: 1 Lbs
Bag Max. Weight: 5 Lbs


The Sorma bagger PK-10 net pack a wide variety of fruits and vegetables with a yield of 40 to 55 trays/minute. Equipped with a high-resolution printer, the label can contain informations such as lot number, date, price, barcode, etc..

Output rate: 55 Pck/Minute

Bag Min. Weight: 1 Lbs
Bag Max. Weight: 4 Lbs


This bagger makes automated forming bags from a net coil. It closes one end of the bag with a plastic header and the other end with a staple or clip “KwikLok”. Ideal for delicate product since its platform is cushioned.

Output rate: 27 Pck/Minute

Bag Min. Weight: – Lbs
Bag Max. Weight: – Lbs


Enhanced Sorma RA2 version, the Sorma RB2 clipping machine is best for the citrus packing, potatoes, onions and similar products to package in net bags. It uses a coiled metal strip to staple bags. It can also attach a label to bags all in a single action.

Output rate: 40 Pck/Minute

Bag Min. Weight: 1 Lbs
Bag Max. Weight: 5 Lbs